Naturally Derived Shea Butter and Coconut Hand Cream

Benton Shea Butter & Coconut Hand Cream

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Benton Shea Butter and Coconut Hand Cream is a naturally derived product made up of 20 % Shea Butter and 3% Coconut Oil. This hand cream keeps hands soft and silky. Adenosine in the formula further helps smooth hands.


  1.  Makes your hands moisturized and soft without stickiness
  2.  Helps improve your dry and rough hands
  3.  Wrinkle improvement functional cosmetic (by MFDS standards)
    * MFDS: Ministry of Food And Drug Safety, South Korea
  4. Dermatological Tested: 

As the result of primary skin irritation patch test, 'Shea Butter and Coconut Hand Cream' is evaluated as a non-irritating product with skin irritation 0.00 point.

  • Test Facility : KC Skin Research Center, Inc.
  • Study Duration : November 15th~17th, 2017
  • Subjects : 30 adult females aged 19 ~ 59 years (Individually   different)


  • Beneficial skin types: For all skin types
  • Volume: 50g
  • Bottle type: Plastic tube
  • pH: Slightly Acidic pH
  • Viscosity : Cream type
  • Scent : Unscented (Free of Chemical Fragrance)
  • Color : White (Free of Chemical Coloring)
  • Expiration Date: 24 months from manufacture date
  • PAO (Product After Opening): 6 months

Please take an appropriate amount of the product and apply to your hand, then softly tab to enhance the absorption.