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Update to Our Friends

First, we hope you and your family are doing well. While the pandemic continues and we are required to practice social distancing, we want to make sure you are not alone. We are all in together and let’s stay positive and strong!

Today, we want to give a quick update to all of you:

Thanks to the dedicated delivery service from our carrier. We do not encounter delays in shipment in most areas in California. Package is expected to arrive at your home within 36-48 hours after you place your order. At this moment, we do not anticipate delivery interruption to other States. Our team continues to track and monitor package delivery closely. 

As of today, we are offering FREE Shipping on any purchases in the United States. With this special offer, our small business incurring a higher operating cost. But at this time, we know this is the right thing to do for our customers.

If you are ready for skincare and cosmetics products, please go to so they can be on the delivering truck within the next 24 hours.

Stay safe and healthy!

Date Event Location



The Buck

Oakland, CA

Super Valentine's Boutique

Hilton Concord Hotel in the Ballroom


Sunset Holiday Mercantile

San Francisco, CA
Aria Holiday Bazaar 
Milpitas, CA


10/4-6/2019 Foodie Land Night Market Berkeley, CA

Fremont Festival
Booth #113

Fremont, CA